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Our Guest Rooms...

Luxurious to Economical

We have ten different themed guest rooms. Five of our rooms have king beds, the Mediterranean, Turkish, Antique, Swiss and Lakota rooms. Three of these rooms have private hot tubs (Mediterranean, Turkish, Antique), one with a large indoor Jacuzzi (Lakota) and one with a big double shower (Swiss). All of these rooms have beautiful views. Our African room has a queen bed and a fenced-in patio area with a private entrance. We also offer four smaller economical rooms, (Celtic and Pine View rooms). With all of these choices, there is something for everyone!

Click the links to the left to view the rooms. Also, it can be helpful to print out the room rates to help you choose your room.

Children are Welcome

We love kids! While our rooms are intended for two people, some of them can accommodate families. Ask us about which rooms would work best for you.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015